Title Transfers

Receive Your Registration Instantly and Your Title In 7 to 10 Days


Instant Registration Renewal, Receive Your Registration Card And Sticker Immediately. Please Bring Driver's license and Insurance Card.

Duplicate Titles

All Duplicate Titles are Mailed in to Harrisburg. Please Bring Your Driver's License and Registration Card, Insurance Card or VIN # of The vehicle your Filing For.

Duplicate Registration

We can Instantly Replace Your Registration Card, Registration Sticker, and Registration Plate. Please Bring Your Current Driver's License, VIN # and Plate number.

Apportioned Registrations

By appointment only.

Notary: Title Transfers, Instant Registrations and Renewals, Executing Affidavits, Acknowledgments, Certificates, Oaths, Protests, ATV & Snowmobile Transfers & Registrations, and many other Notary Acts.

Boat title work and transfers, new registrations and renewals available, Launch permits available.

Vinyl Lettering: Vehicle lettering, Windows, car magnets, Banners, Bill boards, Back lit Signs, Signs, Yard Signs and many car graphic designs. We can do almost anything in vinyl....


The following is needed to complete the transfer:

For Seller:

- Original PA title

- Proof of ID (valid PA driver's license or PA Photo ID card)

For Buyer:

- Proof of ID (valid PA driver's license or PA Photo ID card)

- Proof of Insurance (must be current and match driver license address)

- Purchase price & mileage 


Please bring the following to complete your transfer from another state to Pennsylvania:- Original title

- Proof of ID (valid PA driver's license with current address)

- Proof of Insurance (must be current and match driver's license address)

- Vehicle in order to verify VIN (or a VIN tracing) If you're vehicle is financed, please bring the following information - Name of financial institution, FIN #, VIN number,

- Business titles: we require proof of your position with the company (not a business card). In addition, if the owner is sending an employee to complete the transfer, we require a notarized letter (on company letterhead) giving authority to employee, signed by owner (Pres, VP, CEO, CFO).



Required: Title or transferable registration and a notarized bill of sale. If ATV or Snowmobile is coming to PA from out of state and was not registered, a VIN tracing. Pennsylvania All Terrain Vehicles and Snowmobiles require the title originally issued.

Penn Dot Forms

  • DL143 Non-Commercial Driver's License Renewal Application
  • DL80 Non-Commercial Driver's License Change/Correction/Replacement

  • DL59 Change fro Jr to Regular Driver's License

  • DL54B Photo ID Card Change/Correction/Replacement

  • MV11 Permanent/Antique/Classic or Collectable Registration

  • MV38O Duplicate Certificate of Title by Owner

  • MV39 Notification of Assignment/Correction of Vehicle Title Upon Death of Owner

  • MV41 Correction of Vehicle or Verification of Vehicle Identification Number

  • MV41A Correction or Change of Name

  • MV140 Request for Registration/Renewal

  • MV145 Person with a Disability or Hearing Impaired Registration Plate or A Person with A Disability Motorcycle Plate

  • MV145A Person with a Disability Parking Placard

  •  MV145V Disabled Veteran, Severely Disabled Veteran Registration Plate or Severely Disabled Veteran motorcycle Plate Decal

  • MV371 Retired Person's Vehicle Registration

  • MV904 Special/Personalized Registration Plate